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An Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC for short, is a document which details how energy efficient a property is. EPCs have become a legal requirement for all house owners and landlords in the UK. It is very important as a house owner or landlord that you have a valid EPC before you sell or rent out your property to prospective buyers or tenants.

Energy Performance Certificates provide useful information that shows the energy efficiency of a building or property. You can also know in advance about your energy running costs on average for the whole year to come. In this way, you can transform any kind of domestic or not property into a more energy-efficient one.

EPCs show the energy performance of a building on an alphabetical scale of A to G. When a building is given a rating of “A”, it means that such building is highly efficient while buildings with a rating of “G” have very low energy efficiency and are not safe for habitation until such building’s energy efficiency is improved.

It is a legal requirement to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate in order to market your property for sale or rent which applies to both residential and commercial properties. It is now also a requirement to have a valid EPC if your property already has existing tenants in place.

If you are looking to remortgage a property then the majority of lenders will request you have an EPC carried out on the property. How much will an EPC Certificate cost you? Not as much as you think!

If you do not have an Energy Certificate, or if your Energy Certificate has expired, you can be faced with a hefty fine.

In order to avoid these kinds of huge costs, all you need to do is provide an affordable EPC Certificate. More specifically, if you are asked to present the Energy Performance Certificate by an inspector and you fail to do so, you will receive a penalty charge notice and defined action.

The approximate fine for a home is £500, and for other types of properties, it could go as high as £5000.

It’s really simple to find out if you already have an EPC online! All EPC certificates are lodged on the national database. As the certificate is valid for 10 years, many people are unaware when the previous owner had the certificate issued, or simply forget. Checking if you have an EPC online is completely free and doesn’t require an EPC certificate cost.

You can check the EPC online register for Domestic/Residential properties here: find-energy-certificate.digital.communities.gov.uk

For Non-Domestic/Commercial buildings you can check the database here: find-energy-certificate.digital.communities.gov.uk

Energy Performance Certificates are a highly committed and professional company. We provide you with highly qualified Domestic Energy Assessors nationwide to gather important information on your property’s energy efficiency levels and present you with an energy performance certificate (EPC) at a competitive price.

Whatever your property/building, our energy assessors are experienced in all fields, from homeowners to commercial businesses, and will ensure that your energy efficiency requirements are of the highest standards.

Our company covers all of Northamptonshire and the surrounding counties, thus making us one of the largest and most proficient Energy Performance Certificate suppliers in the area. 

It is such an easy process to book an EPC inspection through us. You can simply book online  and one our team will be in touch to confirm the date and time.

Energy Performance Certificates use a scale of A to G. A being the most efficient home, with lower fuel bills and G being the least energy efficient with higher energy bills. The same scale is used to define the environmental impact of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of a home. Most properties in Britain are band D or E.

An EPC recommendation form is included to show occupiers ways to improve their energy efficiency levels. The EU directive requires improvements that are cost-effective in reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Home Inspectors/Domestic Energy Assessors use the RDSAP program to ensure these recommendations, although general, are bespoke to the property in question.

The responsibility for the provision of an EPC rests with the owner, seller, or landlord. With a new build, the person carrying out the work must obtain an EPC and inform the building control officer or approved inspector that this has been completed in the specified period.

A seller or landlord must pay for the initial EPC inspection, providing the prospective buyer or tenant with an EPC prior to entering into a sale or lease agreement.

A simple procedure, the homeowner must book an EPC inspection with a local Domestic Assessors who will visit the property and examine key items such as loft insulation, windows for double glazing, etc. These observations are calculated, whereby an EPC is issued with a recommendation form attached.

The certificate shows the energy efficiency levels and environmental carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions with a recommended value of the potential for improvements.

With a brand new and updated EPC software, we can now ensure that we will provide you with the highest standard and top-quality service. We take pride in offering accurate reports.

An Energy Performance Certificate survey takes on average anywhere from twenty minutes, for a studio apartment, to an hour for larger family homes. The main determining factor is the size of the property but the layout of the property is also a factor. Commercial, or Non-Domestic surveys can take considerably longer with some large commercial buildings taking a full day or even longer. Note: Time does not affect your EPC Certificate cost.

When you choose an EPC inspection company, you should ensure that the aftercare and access to information are easily obtainable. The organization should be able to provide you with full access to your EPC for the next 10 years, the length of its validity.

Yes, you are allowed to place your property on the market or rent, but you must ensure that you have ordered and paid for an Energy Performance Certificate beforehand. We will supply you with your order confirmation immediately after booking it.

Yes, you can place an advertisement to rent or lease your property once you have arranged an order and pre-paid for an Energy Performance Certificate survey. Confirmation of your order will be forwarded to you immediately after the EPC has been booked.

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