SPVs in Northampton

A special purpose vehicle (SPV) is a subsidiary company that is formed to undertake a specific business purpose or activity. SPVs are commonly utilized in certain structured finance applications, such as asset securitization, joint ventures, property deals, or to isolate parent company assets, operations, or risks.

A special purpose vehicle is an orphan company created to isolate risks and reallocate assets to investors. Property investments are typically held in special property vehicles. Companies can transfer property ownership to an SPV and sell off that entity, paying (lower) capital gains tax instead of property sales tax.

The account should be used for your property’s purchase funds, refurbishments, rental income and ongoing expenses. It should not be used for personal transactions or anything other than transactions related to your property.

Every company is equipped with an IBAN that allows you to send foreign funds to the company account. When there is local currency in the company account, you will be able to convert it to GBP directly at your convenience.