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Block Management

Residential Block Management Services

Estate or block management services is the day-to-day care of the freehold of a building containing flats or the grounds around with a number of blocks of flats on the site. This can be done on behalf of freeholders, leaseholders that have formed a Right-to-Manage company or leaseholders that are also shareholders in a company that owns the freehold their property is situated in. 

This can be a fairly complex process with many caveats laid down in law which is often made more difficult by the different long term goals of the owners and interactions between freeholders and leaseholders and between individual leaseholders. It is always best to have a professional third party to manage this process to provide experience and give advice on the best way of going forwards.

A Personal Approach

Trellows Property Management prides itself on giving a more personal approach to block and estate management. We work with the leaseholders or freeholder to get what they want out of the building and help them consider the future of their asset. We believe in listening to our clients and enabling them to have a stress free environment whilst staying fully informed as to what is being done and how much it costs. We also don’t believe in some people paying for the services whilst others do not and we have a very robust service charge collection procedure and have experience of County Court, Forfeiture and the Residential Property Tribunal (RPT).

The Process

The lease is the core document from which we work so a full understanding of this is our starting point. We will work through this to turn it into plain English and lay-out the responsibilities of the various parties. From here we can pull together a quote for managing your building with a combination of our sub-contractor team and preferred contractors of our clients. If you are interested in moving management company or putting a currently unmanaged building over to management then please contact us no matter the number of units.

If you are looking for build-to-rent property management please get in touch


We act on behalf of developers, landlords and tenants, in the acquisition, development and letting of prime & secondary retail property which enables us to provide completely independent property advice. We also offer development and investment advice to retained clients and are constantly searching for new opportunities within the retail sector, including mixed-use developments.

Residential Blocks

Through our extensive range of contacts and databases, our knowledge of the local and regional marketplaces is well covered. With a thorough appreciation of current economic and business markets, we offer strategic advice relating to occupiers whom find the whole exercise of acquiring or disposing of their premises very time consuming and diverts their focus from their core business activity.

Office Blocks

We have acted on behalf of a number of clients on both a letting and acquisition basis for everything from individual units, to entire vast developments.
Trellows have a large portfolio of units throughout the country. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, let or rent, we have a large portfolio of off-market property on our dedicated investments and developments website.