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Buyers’ questions on value and price ‘dreaded’ by agents

Agents “dread” buyers’ questions on value, asking prices and nearby new development according to a survey.

Some 50 agents and over 1,500 owners who had purchased in the past three years were questioned by interiors firm Hillarys over their dealings with estate agents.

The questions the agents apparently dreaded most were:

– How much money has the property lost in value over the last X years? – 54%;

– Are there currently any plans for the local area that could affect us as homeowners? – 42%;

– What is the lowest price the sellers are willing to go? – 33%;

– Is the seller part of a chain and how motivated are they to sell? – 21%;

– Has anyone died in the property? – 18%

The agents also revealed some of the most unusual questions they’d been asked by prospective buyers during viewings included ‘do the pets/plants come with the house?’, ‘is there any chance that the home is haunted?’ and ‘would I be allowed to paint the house exterior?’