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news 15 1

Research by price comparison service MoneySuperMarket has itemised the additional fees incurred by people moving home.

This year’s 12 per cent rise in the cost of moving home follows an eight per cent rise in 2020, when costs jumped from £3,417 to £3,688.

Now the average cost is £4,116 excluding the cost of the property and mortgage.

After agency fees, legal services and stamp duty, additional charges – mostly for removals, cleaning and storage – now average £748.

MoneySuperMarket’s findings uncover significant cost differences between cities. Aberdeen is the most expensive location, with additional moving costs of £1,020.

The five most common additional costs are buying new furniture, purchasing new household items such as bedding and kitchen utensils, paying for post to be re-directed,  changing utility providers, and removals.

Jo Thornhill, money expert at MoneySuperMarket, comments: “The cost of moving house is … an issue that has come into sharp focus over the past 18 months with the housing market booming in response to government incentives like the stamp duty holiday.

“What is less well known are those additional costs of moving that can add a significant amount to your bill, over and above items like stamp duty, legal and estate agency fees.”

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