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Northamptonshire Property Market Update – July 2023 NN12

**House Prices in NN12: A Look at the Real Estate Market**

The real estate market in NN12 has seen significant growth and development over the past year. As property prices continue to rise, homeowners and investors are keeping a close eye on the trends in this picturesque region. In this blog post, we will delve into the data to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the housing market in NN12.

**NN12 Property Prices Overview:**

Over the last year, the overall average house price in NN12 reached an impressive £434,956. This figure represents a 9% increase compared to the previous year, highlighting the upward trend in property prices in the area. Moreover, when compared to the peak in 2018 when the average price was £375,083, the current figures demonstrate a remarkable 16% growth.

**Property Type Breakdown:**

The majority of properties sold in NN12 over the last year were detached houses, commanding an average price of £572,196. This type of property seems to be in high demand, likely due to the spaciousness and privacy they offer.

Semi-detached properties, on the other hand, had an average selling price of £337,460, offering a more affordable option while still providing some of the benefits of detached living.

Terraced properties had an average selling price of £300,915, making them a budget-friendly choice for prospective buyers seeking a home in NN12.

**Notable Property Sales:**

Several properties in NN12 were sold during the last year, and we have gathered some interesting data on a few of them:

1. **19, Tyrrell Way, Towcester, West Northamptonshire NN12 7AS:**
– Property Type: 3 bed, terraced
– Selling Price: £280,000
– Date Sold: 17 May 2023

2. **15, 19 Hollyhill, Towcester, West Northamptonshire NN12 6TD:**
– Property Type: 4 bed, detached
– Selling Price: £400,000
– Date Sold: 12 May 2023

3. **53, Catterick Way, Towcester, West Northamptonshire NN12 6NX:**
– Property Type: Semi-Detached
– Selling Price: £254,950
– Date Sold: 4 May 2023

4. **22, Park View Road, Towcester, West Northamptonshire NN12 6AL:**
– Property Type: 3 bed, semi-detached
– Selling Price: £375,000
– Date Sold: 28 Apr 2023

**The Charm of NN12:**

NN12 boasts a picturesque and serene setting, making it an ideal location for homeowners seeking a peaceful and pleasant environment. The area’s rich history and close-knit communities contribute to its allure, attracting both local and international buyers.

**Investment Opportunities:**

Given the consistent growth in property prices over the years, investing in NN12 real estate presents a promising opportunity. For those looking to invest, the data suggests that detached properties may offer higher returns, but semi-detached and terraced properties could be more accessible options for entry-level investors.


The real estate market in NN12 has shown impressive growth over the past year, with property prices reaching new heights. Detached properties have been the most sought-after, commanding higher average prices. However, there are opportunities to be found in the semi-detached and terraced property markets as well.

Whether you are a potential buyer or an investor, NN12’s enchanting setting and thriving property market make it a location worth considering. As the area continues to flourish, keeping an eye on NN12’s real estate trends can prove to be beneficial for your property-related decisions.


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