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Villa Camarella and Villa Timberina are gems of the island of Capri. The view is stunning and sweeps from the Tirrenean Sea to the Gulf of Naples and from Monte Solano to Villa Jovis. Emperors, statesmen, poets, writers and actors from all over the world have walked along the paths which lead to the Villa.In Capri, the writer Gorkij hosted Lenin twice before he started off the October Revolution, and several Russian princesses took up their residence on the island after the revolution.In Capri Lenin met the Krupp family who used to host the German military leaders on holiday.

Modernity is ensured by solar panels, Wi-Fi connection which covers the whole villa and by the new domotics plant. The interior of the Villa bears witness to its history: the marble floors have been perfectly restored, the parquet is original as well as the marble-chip floor tiles in the various rooms. The eighteen century furniture and the ancient Roman amphorae gracefully combine with the warm and summer colours in Capri style present in the villa.

Villa Camarella, over 800 sqm, was built in limestone masonry in the typical Capri style. The architects Mazzocca and Talamona, who were very well-known in the early Forties, planned the villa in accordance with film director Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia suggestions. On the first floor there are the guests’ bedrooms. On the second floor there is the main apartment with a big salon with a stunning view on the Vesuvio and on Villa Jovis. The main bedroom has a bathroom, a clothes closet and another room with bathroom which can be used as an office. The rooms are surrounded on their three sides by a terrace with a breathtaking view on Castiglione, Monte Solaro and on the whole Gulf of Naples. On the third floor there is a bedroom with bathroom and clothes closet, a loggia and a huge terrace with a 360° view on the Tirrenean Sea, the Gulf of Naples, Monte Solaro and Villa Jovis.

Both Villas are embellished by several antiques and building materials no more available today. The bedrooms shine with beautiful details: ancient mirrors with wrought iron or hand painted wooden frames, heaters and fireplaces made of ancient majolica from Naples.

The dining rooms are in accordance with this style and are embellished by Roman amphorae or capitals, elegant wooden tables and decor consoles. Tiny statues hold the small consoles in the various rooms of the house. Last but not least, the ancient staircase made of a rare chestnut parquet perfectly combines with the precious marble floors and it can be considered a very beautiful piece of furniture in itself.


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