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Son of ex-Savills boss slams traditional buying agents as “outdated”

A buying agency targeting what it calls the “prime and super-prime” London market is offering clients not only a sourcing service, but also options to redesign and remodel their chosen new homes as well.

Capital Place Properties – led by the son of a former Savills chief executive – says it offers a complete in-house service from the initial stages of search and acquisition through to “architectural transformation, interior design, furnishing and lighting.”

“For affluent individuals without the luxury of time or those with limited knowledge of the London market, the company’s ‘seamless service’ means buyers are able to source, view, buy, reconfigure, design and fit out their new properties without needing to employ third parties or approve the property in person” says a statement from the firm.

“This all in-house solution is especially critical for prospective overseas clients looking to invest in the UK’s prime market where transparency, trust and dependability are paramount” it adds.

The firm is critical of traditional buying agencies, using a press statement to describe their methods as “outdated, unnecessarily cumbersome” and says that its own integrated offering has proven valuable during the Coronavirus period.

“Our track-record speaks for itself, we do it all and we do it well. We know that our clients value consistency through the buying process and prefer to deal with one person for all their needs rather than multiple third-parties” according to Harry Helsby, the 30 year old son of former Savills chief executive Jeremy Helsby.

“The traditional process where clients have had to manage multiple third parties for acquisition, architectural transformation and interior design work inevitably puts additional cost and stress on the buyer. By offering an all-in-one solution, we handle the entire process” he continues.

“Our clients depend on our insight and market experience to not only identify and source the best properties on the market, but to go the extra step and bring their vision to life through our bespoke interior design service, whether as a personal residence, a buy-to-let or to improve and sell” Helsby adds.

“This client dependency means we need to be completely aware of market changes and the specific requirements of our current and future clients. For example, we know that the aspirations of buyers have changed dramatically due to the lockdown experience – extra room to work from home as well as outside space are now top of the priority list while traditional requirements, such as luxury bathrooms and kitchens, are less important. Location, of course, remains as critical as ever” says his co-founder colleague, Alexis Stellakis.