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Northamptonshire Property Market Update – July 2023 NN14

If you’re in the market for a new home or simply curious about the property market in NN14, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll explore the latest data on house prices in NN14, a region in Northamptonshire, UK. So, let’s dive in and discover what the numbers reveal!

**Overview of NN14 Property Prices:**

Over the last year, the overall average price for properties in NN14 stood at £320,069. This figure gives us a good starting point to understand the general trends in the area. However, as with any property market, there are variations in property types, and their respective prices can differ significantly.

**Detached Properties:**

Detached properties seem to be a popular choice in NN14, with the majority of sales falling into this category. On average, a detached property was sold for £427,446 in the past year. This higher price tag could be attributed to the added privacy, space, and freedom that come with owning a detached home.

**Semi-Detached Properties:**

Semi-detached properties, which offer a balance between privacy and affordability, had an average selling price of £270,758 in NN14. This option seems to appeal to buyers seeking a middle ground between detached and terraced properties.

**Terraced Properties:**

Terraced properties, often known for their charm and community feel, were fetching an average price of £241,138. These homes provide a cost-effective option for families and individuals looking to purchase a property in NN14.

**Market Trends:**

It’s always interesting to analyze how the market has performed over time. According to the data, sold prices in NN14 were 5% higher over the last year compared to the previous year. This steady increase in house prices indicates that the area’s property market has been experiencing positive growth.

Moreover, the prices were a remarkable 17% higher than the peak recorded in 2020, when the average price was £274,134. This upward trend suggests that property values have been steadily appreciating in the region.

**A Glimpse at Recent Sales:**

To further understand the NN14 property market, let’s take a look at some recently sold properties in the area:

1. **Flat 2, 20b, King Street, Desborough, Kettering, North Northamptonshire NN14 2RD**
Type: Flat
Price: £95,000
Date Sold: 9 May 2023
Tenure: Leasehold

2. **The Old Bakehouse, 67, High Street, Titchmarsh, Kettering, North Northamptonshire NN14 3DF**
Type: 4 bed, semi-detached
Price: £635,000
Date Sold: 5 May 2023
Tenure: Freehold

Date Sold Property Type Price Tenure
9 May 2023 Flat 2, King Street £95,000 Leasehold
5 May 2023 The Old Bakehouse £635,000 Freehold
2 May 2023 13 Gladstone Street £179,995 Freehold
28 Apr 2023 80 Harrington Road £262,000 Freehold
24 Apr 2023 16 Cransley Hill £232,250 Freehold
21 Apr 2023 34 Ragsdale Street £185,000 Freehold
21 Apr 2023 23 Chancery Lane £298,000 Freehold
20 Apr 2023 10 Spencer Road £325,000 Freehold
18 Apr 2023 85 Harrington Road £550,000 Freehold
14 Apr 2023 11 Mulberry Close £320,000 Freehold
14 Apr 2023 21 Arden Road £347,500 Freehold
14 Apr 2023 2 Huntingdon Road £238,000 Freehold
13 Apr 2023 70 Gladstone Street £120,000 Freehold
12 Apr 2023 4 Lammas Close £775,000 Freehold
12 Apr 2023 8 High Street £265,000 Freehold
6 Apr 2023 35 Harrington Road £248,000 Freehold
6 Apr 2023 50 Back Lane £575,000 Freehold
4 Apr 2023 1 Sissinghurst Drive £413,750 Freehold
4 Apr 2023 18 Sackville Street £353,000 Freehold
3 Apr 2023 2 Sherborne Way £381,000 Freehold
31 Mar 2023 17 Cransley Street £175,000 Freehold
31 Mar 2023 11 Chestnut Drive £289,950 Freehold
31 Mar 2023 17 Braybrooke Road £257,500 Freehold
31 Mar 2023 26 Thistle Drive £240,000 Freehold
31 Mar 2023 38 Willow Lane £490,000 Freehold

These are just a few examples of the recently sold properties in NN14, and they showcase the diversity of property types and prices in the area.


The property market in NN14 is showing promising signs of growth, with overall average prices increasing over the past year. Detached properties seem to be the most sought-after, while terraced homes offer a more budget-friendly option.

As with any property investment, it’s crucial to do thorough research and seek expert advice before making a decision. The property market can be dynamic, and factors like location, amenities, and market trends can significantly impact property values.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or just curious about the property market in NN14, staying informed about the latest trends and developments will help you make informed decisions.

Remember that these figures are based on historical data and the market can change over time, so it’s essential to consult local estate agents and professionals for up-to-date information.

Happy house hunting!

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